Our Story


Photograph by Jamel Shabbazz

Shara, a native New Yorker likes to say she began her career upon giving birth to her first child the cutest little girl she named Jade as she began her journey as a teenage mother.  

After years in the fashion industry as a business partner with the iconic streetwear brand PNB Nation handling both marketing & sales which became arguably the nation’s first global crossover streetwear brand dressing the likes of Lauryn Hill to Eminem, made a shift to handle family business within the music industry.  There too she was a force to be reckoned with by managing the career of hip hop’s beloved dee jay and producer Pete Rock way before 90’s references were thought of as cool.  

Jade, LIM graduate and passionate mother to her own little girl, shared in her mother’s love for hoop earring styles, fashion and culture. As a result over the course of 10 years she worked for brands such as Fendi, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste developing their retail and wholesale businesses.

Unable to find a place online or off that specialized in elevated hoop earring styles only.  The mother and daughter duo decided that they had a desire to create a even stronger life long bond by honing their individual entrepreneurial skill sets and love for all things hoop earrings. 

As a consequence Hoop88Dreams was born on August 2019.